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Find Out How Our Technology Compares to 23 Others


Are There Different Types of Technologies for Fat Loss?

Though many companies and technologies currently on the market claim of inch-loss success, few have proven results to substantiate these claims.

It is easy to get confused attempting to understand what actually works. 

We did the work for you, so you can make an educated decision on what treatment is right for you.

Always seek the advice of a physician or other qualified health care provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition or treatment before undertaking a new health care regiment.

Below you will find 23 different methods of fat loss currently on the market:




–ONLY Available at Slim U Canada Inc. in Ontario

At Slim U Canada Inc. in Vaughan, Ontario, we are so confident that you will experience amazing results

that we offer a guarantee program of 

6 inches in 4 weeks (in the area of the abdominal, 1/2 to 2 inch reduction on average per treatment).


* medical application and aesthetic treatment

Class 3B laser, has the ability to penetrate for spot fat reduction, inch loss and body contouring 

and assist in the healing process of deep tissue and joint problems.

This new Spot Fat Reduction technology provides the highest and most consistent power output, providing unprecedented results.

Typical results have proven to be substantially more effective and consistent,

as the patent direct skin application allows for the focused delivery.

Each area of the body is treated in 20 minute frame times.

Clients can do 20, 40 or 60 minute treatments, comprised of different body parts.

A recently Patented Direct Skin Contact delivery system, the laser lipo technology clearly demonstrated a more robust fabrication and quality components. This is apparent in the metal connectors, the lens-covered, high-quality diodes. Furthermore, its direct skin application allows for the focused delivery of cold laser energy to specific treatment areas as well as deeper penetration leading to targeted

and more effective treatment results.

A strong contender in this market, 

this new technology is a healthy approach to fat loss and body contouring. 

No pain, bruising, downtime, exercise, or side effects.

Immediate inch loss per treatment.

The laser process is similar to the effects exercise has on fat cells, 

only instead of hormones opening the fat cells, the cold laser does the job, 

right through your skin (patented direct skin application/contact delivery system).

The same triglycerides are removed from the fat cells and, as a result, the fat cells shrink significantly in size and get smaller, 

resulting in inch/fat loss and cellulite reduction.


In addition, the unique laser diode placement provides the optimal energy overlay to maximize treatment efficacy,

while further boasting increased electronic safeguards and temperature and power control circuitry that enables a much more consistent and stable beam to reach maximum operating efficiency.

Unlike other competing technologies, this laser diode technology, lens configuration, and energy overlay, minimize laser light dispersion allowing maximized energy delivery to the adipose cell for optimal results.

Independent 3rd party testing, it was additionally found to provide more efficient energy delivery over multiple treatments

ultimately leading to unparalleled treatment results.

This NEW non-surgical and non-invasive patented laser lipo technology

is approved for spot fat reduction / body contouring and reducing the appearance of cellulite

AND also approved for pain management.

Always seek the advice of a physician or other qualified health care provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition or treatment before undertaking a new health care regiment.


All  "lipo" technologies in the market place are NOT the same.

Don't get confused. 

Most "lipo" machines are LED machines (NOT LASER) that have been sold in increasing numbers in beauty salons 


marketed as FDA approved Class 1 Lipo laser body contouring devices. 

Sounds impressive Right? 

Here's a critical point - even fairy lights fall under that category.

Therefore these type of machines (Class 1, LED Lipo machines) are far less effective 

at penetrating the subcutaneous layer and the ultimate target of the adipose (fat) cell. 

They only deliver a smaller portion of energy into the body tissue and ultimately fall short of the true potential power 

that real laser treatments offer.

Typically the results are poor, not producing subsequent inch loss or body contouring results 

and not as effective as one might presume.

A recent 6-week pilot study in 60 people found that LED lipo treatments, 

twice per week , 8 Treatments Total, led to ONLY to a 0.79-inch reduction in waist circumference

Physicians regularly use LASER treatments because it’s safe and effective. 

Laser treatments are a practical option for those looking to spot target areas of concern and contour the body, or to treat chronic pain 

as they are non-surgical and patients experience no pain or discomfort during treatment, returning immediately to their daily activities. 

Additionally, non-surgical fat loss treatments don’t require incisions, shortening downtime and preventing any potential scarring.


Ozempic® may cause serious side effects, including:

inflammation of your pancreas (pancreatitis). changes in vision. low blood sugar (hypoglycemia). ...

kidney problems (kidney failure). serious allergic reactions. gallbladder problems.

Can semaglutide cause thyroid cancer?

Semaglutide (sold under the brand names Ozempic, Wegovy and Rybelsus) injection may increase the risk that you will develop tumors of the thyroid gland, including medullary thyroid carcinoma (MTC; a type of thyroid cancer).Feb 15, 2023.

 Laboratory animals who were given semaglutide developed tumors, but it is not known if this medication increases the risk of tumors in humans. Tell your doctor if you or anyone in your family has or has ever had MTC or Multiple Endocrine Neoplasia syndrome type 2 (MEN 2; condition that causes tumors in more than one gland in the body). If so, your doctor will probably tell you not to use semaglutide injection. If you experience any of the following symptoms, call your doctor immediately: a lump or swelling in the neck; hoarseness; difficulty swallowing; or shortness of breath.

Semaglutide injection may cause side effects. Tell your doctor if any of these symptoms are severe or do not go away: nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain, constipation, heartburn, burping

Some side effects can be serious. If you experience any of these symptoms call your doctor immediately or get emergency medical treatment:

ongoing pain that begins in the upper left or middle of the stomach but may spread to the back, with or without vomiting, rash; itching; swelling of the eyes, face, mouth, tongue, or throat; or difficulty breathing or swallowing, decreased urination; or swelling of legs, ankles, or feet

vision changes, fainting or dizziness, pain in upper stomach; yellowing of skin or eyes; fever; or clay-colored stools 

(in those receiving semaglutide [Wegovy] for management of weight loss)

rapid heartbeat

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Can you take Ozempic if you've had cancer?

In animals, Ozempic can increase the risk of thyroid tumors. It's not known if Ozempic has this effect in humans. 

You should not use Ozempic if you or an immediate family member has had thyroid cancer in the past

What is the downside of Ozempic?

Serious side effects of Ozempic can include: diabetic retinopathy (damaged blood vessels in the eye) gallbladder disease, including gallstones or cholecystitis (gallbladder pain and swelling) kidney problems.

Can I just stop taking Ozempic for weight loss?

In addition, those who stopped taking semaglutide also experienced increases in blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood sugar levels, 

suggesting that continued use of the medication is needed to maintain both weight loss and reduction in risk factors for heart disease.

Do you gain weight back after Ozempic?

Recent research published in the journal Diabetes, Obesity and Metabolism indicates that once patients stop using semaglutide drugs like Wegovy and Ozempic 

any weight they've lost is likely to return.

Is Ozempic a high risk medication?

This drug has a boxed warning about possible risk of thyroid cancer. This is the most serious warning from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). A boxed warning alerts doctors and patients about drug effects that may be dangerous. In animals, Ozempic can increase the risk of thyroid tumors.

What happens if you stop Ozempic cold turkey?

Do not stop using OZEMPIC® without talking to your doctor. If you stop using it, your blood sugar levels may increase.




BodiSculpt 360º

(BodiSculpting technology fat cells are targeted, frozen and crystallized)

The Cool Sculpting procedure is not for everyone.

Cool Sculpting, in simplest terms, is a non-invasive procedure/treatment that actually freezes fat cells that causes them to die 

and progressively be washed off by the body.

On average, the fat cells are destroyed, 

resulting in an average 1.5 inch reduction in waist size after 6 to 8 weeks.

NOTE: Its takes 3.5 inches circumference reduction to decrease One Dress Size.

The fat cells that were killed during the Zeltiq's Cool Sculpting freezing 

do not grow back however not all fat cells die.

Whether the CoolSculpting procedure was done once or multiple times, some fat cells will undoubtedly remain in a given area.

If a patient gains weight following a procedure,  it can certainly still show up in the area that was treated 

or perhaps it may collect more easily in another area, such as your face, thighs, or backside.

What patients can expect with a CoolSculpting treatment?

Uneven results are quite common and patients may need to retreat some of the areas.

The “CoolSculpting Treatment Considerations Form” provided by Zeltiq gives you an idea of the possible complications:

  • Excessive fat removal in the treatment area, resulting in an unwanted indentation.
  • The indentation may be improved through corrective procedures (ie surgery)
  • Darker skin color
  • Hardness
  • Discrete nodules
  • Frostbite (local injury due to cold)
  • Hernia or worsening of existing hernia.
  • Surgical intervention may be required to correct hernia formation.

The Cool Sculpt procedure destroys bulges of fat and is NOT a solution to weight gain.

Sadly, Cool Sculpting does NOT work to improve cellulite.

# 4: Erchonia Zerona

Review By Andrea Karr • Updated on October 16th, 2020

46% say it's worth it

What is Zerona?

It’s considered a cold-laser treatment because the light intensity isn’t high enough to heat your body’s tissues.

The device is ABOVE the body and does NOT have direct skin application contact.

Zerona works by passing laser energy through the tissues to merely damage the cells, creating pores in the cell membranes. The pores release fat cell contents, which are naturally processed through the lymphatic system.

Zerona laser treatment is NOT a weight-loss solution.

It is a treatment for overall body circumference reduction and is measured by combined circumference reduction


It's also not a treatment for loose skin or cellulite.

Doctors have mixed takes on Zerona, but Dr. Larry S. Nichter,

a board-certified plastic surgeon from Newport Beach, California,

thinks the Zerona laser promises results that it CAN'T achieve:

“According to Zerona, after six treatments and two weeks,

the majority of patients will realize between three and nine inches of generalized slimming.

We tried it on six members of our office staff, including myself and one of our patients who is a professional blogger

—and there were no significant changes, despite following all directions faithfully.

We have stopped offering this treatment and have returned our machine.”

What results can be expected?

Randomized control trials have shown patients can lose an average 3.72 inch circumference from the waist, hips, and thighs.

Overall, the actual weight loss produced is 1.5 pounds after six visits.


Zerona 'Shrinks Fat Cells' from Your Body: 

False Promises Uncovered? 

written by Jedha Dening:

Collectively, randomized clinical trials have shown the following results for target areas:

Area Circumference Average Amount Lost in Inches

Hips 1.2

Waist 1.8

Thighs 0.9 - 1.1

Upper abdomen 1.3

However, according to experts who have used the technology, Zerona doesn’t deliver on its promises.

Christian Scarborough, Dr. Friedmann’s representative, shares that after investing in the Zerona technology and trying it on multiple patients across multiple practices — he even had it performed on himself and his wife — Zerona turned out to be a costly mistake.

“The technology simply doesn’t work — it did nothing,” emphasizes Scarborough.

In the end, the machines were replaced with more effective treatment options.

Dr. Friedmann concurs: “Zerona had plenty of hype upon its release.

Practitioners at the time were extremely excited about having a device that decreased subcutaneous fat with absolutely no pain, downtime or complications. This excitement was enough to overlook the significant limitations [simultaneous diet restrictions and exercise requirements] of the early clinical studies on the device.”


TruSculpting results are permanent. 

This device works by using the heat emitted by soundwave energy to melt the walls of unwanted fat cells. 

The human body stops being able to produce new fat cells in adulthood. 

Therefore, any fat cells destroyed after adulthood are gone permanently, never to be replaced.

Trusculpt does not prevent remaining fat cells from growing in the area. 

If you gain weight later on after you get the procedure, 

your remaining fat cells in that area enlarge.

If a patient gains weight following a procedure, it can certainly still show up in the area that was treated

or perhaps it may collect more easily in another area, such as your face, thighs, or backside.

People also ask:

Does TruSculpt cause lumps?

What should you expect after a truSculpt® 3D treatment? 

You can return to normal activities the day of your treatment, but your skin will be red and tender for a few hours 

and you may experience some lumps.

Side effects can include redness, sweating, and mild tenderness in the treated areas

#6: EON

Described by its manufacturer, Dominion Aesthetic Technologies, as “smart” body contouring, Eon uses an automated robotic arm with smart sensor technology to scan the body and create a customized treatment plan for fat reduction on the abdomen and flanks (aka the love handles).

Currently, Eon is only approved for body contouring on the abdomen. To reduce fat in other areas, you may need to consider other fat reduction treatments. It can’t be used on areas that are tattooed.

As with other nonsurgical body contouring technologies, it takes three months or longer to see significant belly fat reduction.

You may need more than one treatment to reach your fat loss goals. 

How soon do you see results from Eon body contouring?

As with other nonsurgical body sculpting treatments, results develop gradually, as the unwanted fat cells are eliminated by your lymphatic system.

You can expect to see significant results within about 12 weeks, with continued improvement for up to six months.

Because Eon induces apoptosis to actually destroy fat cells, the fat you lose is gone for good.

However, the remaining fat cells can still expand if you gain weight. 

How can the results be permanent?

We are born with a certain number of fat cells. 

No matter how much weight we gain or lose, we still have the same number of fat cells.

We look heavier when we gain weight because the fat cells expand. When we lose weight, our fat cells shrink.

Because freezing or heating non-invasive fat removal technologies kill some fat cells, the targeted cells are gone forever.

However you will still have some fat cells in the treated area. 

If you gain weight, these cells will expand.


Evolve requires 6 to 8 treatments 


anywhere from 6 to 8 weeks to see results.

Like CoolSculpting, the Evolve family of treatments gives patients the opportunity to

destroy fat, tighten loose skin, and enhance their muscle definition.

While fat cells removed with Evolve TRIM will not grow back,

it is important for patients considering any Evolve treatment to understand that the longevity of their results

relies heavily on maintaining a stable weight, healthy diet, and consistent exercise routine. 

How can the results be permanent?

We are born with a certain number of fat cells. 

No matter how much weight we gain or lose, we still have the same number of fat cells.

We look heavier when we gain weight because the fat cells expand. 

When we lose weight, our fat cells shrink.

Because non-invasive fat removal kills some fat cells, the targeted cells are gone forever.

You’ll still have some fat cells in the treated area though. 

If you gain weight, these cells will expand.

The radio-frequency energy distributes heat into the targeted tissue and underlying fat causing the tissue to heat and contract. 

Once the the targeted tissue reaches temperature (43-44 degrees centigrade), a precise high voltage energy pulse is delivered

 to destroy the localized fat cells. 

The heating effect stimulates collagen which helps tighten the skin and fibrous tissues that cause cellulite. 

The vacuum and controlled energy pulses work synergistically together to deliver body contouring results and fat reduction.

Over time, the destroyed fat cells are swept away by the body’s lymphatic system, 

which is the body’s natural process for damaged cell removal

The heat melts fat cells by generating heat through RF energy and the body will naturally eliminate the emulsified fat cells,

a process that may take several weeks.

Evolve Trim is designed to treat mild cellulite by reducing the appearance of dimpled skin, skin tightening effects take more time to present.

Evolve Tone uses electromagnetic energy to induce muscle contractions to tone abs, buttocks, legs, and arms. 

The treatment is similar to Emsculpt and CoolTone. 

Maintenance sessions are recommended every 4 months to maintain results.

Possible side effects, which are typically mild and may include:

Redness. Bruising. Swelling. Tingling. Skin sensitivity.

Because these treatments are so new, there aren’t many clinical studies yet assessing their efficacy.




There have been concerns from some health experts about the long-term side effects of Emsculpt

and if the electromagnetic energy used by the machine can cause long-lasting organ damage.


Because it's such a new technology relatively little is known about how the strong electromagnetic waves could affect or damage internal organs down the road or if the electromagnetic energy used by the machine can cause long-lasting organ damage.


What are the dangers of Emsculpting?

Cryolipolysis can cause mild or moderate pain afterward. 

You're also at a slight risk of nerve pain. 

Sometimes your skin can look less smooth afterward. 

Less than 1% of people who get it done have a complication called paradoxical fat hyperplasia.


Does EMSCULPT permanently destroy fat cells?

Emsculpt burns fat and builds muscle. Once the fat cells are destroyed, they are gone for good. However, remaining fat cells can become larger if you gain weight.


Why does it take 3 months to see EmSculpt results?

Due to the nature of the treatments and the reaction to the therapy, the results are not immediate. Not unlike going to the gym and exercising rigorously, muscle tissue takes time to build. Multiple sessions are needed for optimal completion.

Why am I gaining weight after Emsculpt?

Due to poor diet, periods of stress, pregnancy, and even hormonal fluctuations, among other reasons, you can gain weight after EMSCULPT. When this occurs, you may start noticing that those unsightly bulges you once had — like the dreaded muffin top — start to return.

Can Emsculpt cause hernia?

Yes, clinical studies demonstrate an 11% reduction in diastasis recti following 4 treatments with EMSCULPT. Diastasis recti is a medical term describing separation of the abdominal muscles. In extreme cases, it can cause a midline hernia (ventral hernia) or bulging of abdominal tissues.

Does EMSCULPT affect uterus?

EMSCULPT NEO should NOT be used over a menstruating uterus. Furthermore, women who are close to menstruation may find that it comes sooner, or cramping is increased or intensified with EMSCULPT NEO treatments



Venus Bliss MAX is a nonsurgical body contouring, skin tightening, and muscle toning treatment system created by Venus Concept.

Also called the TriBody system.

You may have mild redness, tenderness, or swelling at the treatment site for about 3 days after your treatment (or, in very rare cases, as long as 10 days), though you’ll be able to go about your normal activities.

Is Venus Bliss MAX permanent?

Lipolysis treatment results can be permanent—once the fat cells have been destroyed and eliminated, they can’t come back.

Weight gain can increase the size of the remaining fat cells in the treatment area.

As with other noninvasive treatments, results aren’t immediate: optimal results develop over three to six months. 

It takes that long for the body to naturally dispose of damaged fat cells, or for new collagen, elastin, and muscle fibers to form.

Most patients will need multiple Venus Bliss MAX treatment sessions for optimal results.

Not everyone is a good candidate: Venus Bliss MAX is FDA-cleared for patients with a BMI of 30 or less.

Nonsurgical treatments like this one aren’t good solutions for severe skin laxity or cellulite.

What happens during a Venus Bliss MAX treatment?

You’ll lay down, and your provider will strap the diode laser applicators (usually 2 applicators, but up to 4) to the treatment area.

You’ll feel extreme cold for the first minute, as the applicators cool your skin to help ensure your comfort.

Once the lasers switch on, you’ll start to feel a sensation of warmth. You may notice fluctuations in the heat as the lasers switch on and off, but you should never feel “hot spots” or extreme heat; if you do, notify your provider immediately.

The full treatment cycle takes 25 minutes. After that, the applicators will be removed.

Clinical trial noted that most patients had mild redness (erythema), while about half had mild swelling (edema).

Even with low-risk treatments like this one, it’s always a good idea to see a skilled, well-reviewed treatment provider to help reduce your risk of potential side effects.

Treatment area may be slightly red and tender.

Treatment area may be slightly swollen, or you may see mild bruising.

Treatment area may feel firmer than before.


Results will be seen 3 months after treatment,

but you may see some changes at the 6-week mark.

The fat cells are destroyed and will not come back,

but you can still gain weight in other areas.

If a patient gains weight following a procedure, it can certainly still show up

in other area such as your face, thighs, or backside.

SculpSure uses heat to kill fat cells without damaging surrounding tissue. Small applicator pads use hypothermic laser technology, which is able to target the fat cells while keeping the skin a safe temperature.

If you are looking to treat a larger area or want to see a greater reduction in fat cells, this may not be an effective option.

The Sculpsure technology is designed to target cells and destroy them in waves of heal and cool. There are four applicators which can treat different areas simultaneously. However the applicators are small, so realistically all four would treat one general area.

SculpSure treatments are ONLY available to treat your lower stomach, flanks, and abdomen

The immune system will absorb the dead fat cells, and one could see up to a 24% reduction in unwanted fat (this includes thickness and circumference). Most patients have reported that the treatment is tolerable with minimal discomfort that lasts only a few seconds, however, every patient experiences the treatment differently and that everyone has a unique pain threshold. That is why there are measures in place should any patient feel more irritation than they are comfortable with.

The 24% reduction is an average percentage; therefore, two SculpSure sessions do not mean you will get a double reduction in fat. It simply means that each treatment will contribute to the 24% fat loss. It is an average amount, and some people will lose more than others. That is why one may need to do more than one treatment.

Most people are required to do 2 or 3 treatments to reach the desired goal of aesthetic body contouring. Depending on the person's aesthetic goals, one may also have to target the same areas to see significant improvements. Treatments are done in sets of 1 to 3 sessions every 6 weeks to achieve optimal results.

Additionally, 24% of fat toss does not mean that one will lose weight it is also important for the patient to maintain their current weight post-procedure to sustain the Sculpsure results.


#11: I-LIPO

Is Lipo-Light / iLipo Laser Liposculpture similar to traditional liposuction?

There is no similarity in all. The Lipo-Light / iLipo is actually not even a laser. It uses LED lights.

Third-party testing and analysis of a relative newcomer to the non-invasive body contouring marketplace has revealed problematic technology and flawed apparatus. The “i-Lipo" reduction system by Chromogenix Technologies Ltd. had been proven to be replete with construction issues that resulted in inadequate performance.

The decrease in the price of this "antiquatedly" designed unit comes at a manufacturing cost. For starters, the machines are poorly powered using an RJ45 connector (or phone jacks) instead of a more robust power cable source.

Yet another evident flaw of the system is that the diode lasers are not shielded by a lens or aperture, leaving the lasers exposed to environmental pollutants such as dust and aerosols. Furthermore, it allows for deposits on the facets of the diode, which in turn leads to absorption of radiation, localized heating, and destruction of the diodes.

Technology issues translate into performance issues once the machine is switched on. The i-Lipo provides an insufficient heat transfer and allows for heat losses so apparent that ambient (external) temperatures affect the performance of the equipment during treatment.

Insufficient power sources, compromised diode technology, and inadequate construction can only mean disappointing results. With Inconsistent underpowered application, the i-Lipo device does little but cast doubts on the legitimacy of its ability and deliver the results patients have come to expect. 


In general, between 2 and 6 centimeters 16 cm = 2.36 inches, of circumferential reduction and fat reduction can be achieved.


Radiofrequency fat contouring device that permanently kill the fat cell, fat cells underwent a death cycle.

However, this does demand patients to be disciplined in weight loss or weight gain following their non-surgical liposuction 

and fat reduction program and any weight gain will be manifested in excess carbohydrates 

being deposited in other body contouring areas outside of the treatment zone, 

which will compromise appearance.


Venus Freeze is a fat reduction, skin-tightening, and cellulite-improving radio frequency technology. The external radio frequency applicator is applied to the contour area of concern and moved back and forth slowly over the top of a small layer of ultrasound gel. Venus Freeze fat reduction patients are treated for 20 minutes per zone once weekly for a series of 6-8 treatments.


During each treatment, the skin and subcutaneous tissue are heated to a temperature of 42-45 degrees.

There may be some very mild swelling and redness, or erythema.


Venus Freeze non-surgical liposuction programs for fat reduction are designed to kill the fat and tighten skin.

The dead fat cells do not return and therefore anybody contouring improvement is thereby permanent. 

#13: BODY FX

Making use of radio frequency energy, deep tissue heating, and light vacuum pressure, the BODY FX applicator distributes healing to the skin and underlying fat causing the tissue to heat and contract to tighten the skin and melt fat cells over time.

BODY FX destroys fat cells via radio frequency and heat Fat cells disappear through apoptosis.

Radiofrequency creates healing deep in the skin to tighten it up. Radio frequency and heat melt fat cells slowly over time.

If a patient gains weight after BODY FX, the fat that remained in the treated area can increase in size.

The same is true of the fat in other areas of the body. Since you have less fat in the treated areas,

you might notice that you gain more weight or fat in other areas of the body instead.

Best results are seen 2 to 4 months after the procedure. Fat cells may continue to melt away even after 5 months.

A series of 8 treatments within a 4-8 week period is recommended for best results.

Maintenance sessions are recommended 

2-3 times annually post-treatment to achieve optimal results. 

Side Effects Patients will notice some redness and warmth in the treated area which will subside within a few hours. The warmth is equivalent to the sensation that felt after a deep tissue massage.

"This is per one more radio frequency device aimed at reducing cellulite and tightening the skin. It uses a combination of vacuum, heat and radiofrequency energy. I'm not saying these technologies have no usefulness but I would set expectations on the low side prior to investing in these treatments. Prices vary but in my opinion, the Limited results make these treatments on the expensive side."

- Real Mats Hagstrom M.D. 


It uses radio frequency (RF) technology to treat cellulite and tighten loose skin.

Doctors usually recommend six treatments, and results can last up to 18 months.

Radiofrequency lipolysis is a procedure which uses a radio frequency to heat the fat without an instrument making physical contact with the patient. The applicator heats from a distance of a centimeter from the skin. Fat cells are preferentially heated without impacting other types of cells in the skin or other structures.

What Are the Risks of Radiofrequency Lipolysis?

Mild erythema has been reported.

What Are the Results of Radiofrequency Lipolysis?

Patients with treatment to the abdomen have averaged a reduction of just under 2inches,

though not all patients have a measurable, perceptible reduction. 


TriLipo technology, combines radiofrequency and Dynamic Muscle Activation (DMA).

Clinical trial involved 25 women aged 24-54 who underwent 6 weekly treatments. 

Each treatment lasted 30 minutes. 

The weight of the patients remained constant and did NOT decrease, 

there was an average reduction of 2.52 cm body circumference. 

2.52 cm = 1 inch, after 6 treatments.

The fat reduction was confirmed via circumference measurements and ultrasound measurements. 

NOTE: To lose ONE DRESS SIZE, 3.5 inches is required.


After four treatments, an average of 2 inches of fat was lost around the waist.

It is an FDA-cleared body contouring procedure, which uses radio frequency energy to heat fat cells in a non-invasive way

(a process called apoptosis occurs, where the heat causes fat cells to die).

This death of the fat cells is usually instant, but some cells may take several weeks to disappear.

These dead cells are filtered naturally through the body by the lymphatic system.

The treatment is not intended for massive weight loss, but for reduction of the abdomen and thighs.

Immediately after treatment, some patients report mild redness, tenderness, minor swelling, or warmth.

Side effects are temporary and minimal and may include mild redness, warmth, and tissue tenderness.

Are There Any Long-Term Side Effects?

The Vanquish system is a newer technology thus long-term side effects are not yet known.

Early data demonstrates that there have been no issues with damage to the skin, muscles,

or internal organs nor has there been any nerve pain.

How Long Will the Results Last?

The results should remain so far as you do not gain weight to maintain a healthy lifestyle and a reasonable diet and exercise regimen.

How Does the Vanquish Fat Removal System Work?

The Vanquish system precisely heats your skin with radiofrequency to 100°F (40-41°C) and the underlying fat to 120°F (44-45°C). The fat cells rupture from the heat.

The dead fat cells are then removed by your immune system. 

#17: ULTRA SHAPE (Ultrasound Cavitation)

It promises to help you lose 1- 3 inches in 6 weeks.

This uses ultrasound treatment that heats the fat cells until they die and these dead fat cells are slowly removed from the body's natural processes over a period of weeks.

This procedure is painful and doesn't work on large fat deposits, so it won't help you lose belly fat.

That's because it breaks down the fat but the body has to process the melted fat cells.

Secondly, you can't treat fat that is located under scar tissue or tattoos.

And thirdly, you're supposed to maintain a negative calorie intake for four days after treatment to make sure the released fat is properly processed by your body.

The treatment is primarily designed for patients who are normal to slighty

overweight and have a body mass index IBM of less than 30.

Patients with extensive, non-localised fat are not suitable for this technique.

The ideal candidates are people who are committed to a healthy lifestyle.

This is because in order to optimize the effects of the treatment patients need to maintain

a regular exercise programme and have a healthy well-rounded diet.

After a series of three Ultra Shape treatments, once every two weeks patients

can expect between 4 and 6 centimeters (NOT inches) of circumferential fat reduction.

Who Is Not a Candidate for Ultra Shape?

Persons with a high degree of skin laxity – Ultra Shape Is not a skin tightening treatment, thus, excess skin laxity may not contract less than 1.5 cm. of subcutaneous fat in the treatment area.

If patients are to gain weight after their Ultra Shape treatment program,

the fat will go elsewhere, not to the areas that were treated.

It is not a treatment for weight loss, obesity, skin laxity, and cellulite.


Studies demonstrated that on average, patients lost 1 inch in waist circumference.

This means that some patients lost more, while others achieved less.

Newer data indicate that most people, who are good candidates,

lose at least one inch when stomach and flanks are treated with Liposonix.

Regardless, one cannot guarantee this result; there are still patients who achieve less improvement despite excellence in treatment delivery. 

It takes up to 4 months to see the difference.

But later if you gain weight, the fat cannot go to that body part again. it has to distribute itself elsewhere.

Ultrasonic liposuction isn't recommended as a treatment for obesity.

It works by using a high-intensity ultrasound to destroy any unwanted fat from just below the skin.

It is a painful procedure.

Following Liposonix, you may have temporary redness, mild bruising and swelling of the stomach area. Women should be aware that Liposonix is not a treatment intended to reduce large amounts of fat or to help you lose weight,

it is intended to re-sculpture the abdominal area.

The fat cells that are removed through the Liposonix treatment will not come back!

Because adults have a limited number of fat cells, whatever is gone will not regenerate.

However, the remaining fat cells still can expand and contract depending on many factors

such as diet, exercise, genetics, age, and medications.

This procedure probably isn't the best for someone with an aversion to pain or someone who needs to lose 30 to 80 pounds.

This is mainly for toning and tightening targeted problem areas by making small tweaks.

You shouldn't be any more than 10 pounds from your goal weight and

you should only expect to lose a few stubborn inches from this procedure.

Removal of 10 to 20 percent of the fat, if the patient gains weight, they can still gain weight in that area.

Also, be advised: Liposonix Treatment can be very uncomfortable.

Liposonix has published studies showing modest fat reduction (1-2 cm around the waist, after several treatments).


It’s used to treat cellulite.

It combines radio frequency energy, infrared light mechanical rollers, and vacuum suction to heat and massage the shallow layers of fat that contribute to cellulite.

Vela Shape is painful and not a permanent procedure.

As soon as you quit using the device, cellulite may return, resulting in getting follow-up treatments every one to three months.

It may offer a temporary solution to the problem of cellulite,

but it doesn't seem to offer any benefits for those who actually need to lose body fat.


This is the solution used in Lipodissolve or mesotherapy. Injections are not approved by the FDA.

There is not enough evidence showing that the injections are effective or safe.

It's a tempting premise: Get a series of drug injections and see pockets of fat on your body go away for goal, but the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is alerting consumers about false and misleading claims being made about products used in Lipodissolve and about other misbranding of these products.

Recipients of Lipodissolve get a series of drug injections intended to dissolve and permanently remove small pockets of fat from various parts of the body. The process is also known as injection lipolysis, lipozap, lipotherapy, and mesotherapy.

What Consumers Should Know

FDA is alerting consumers that:

  • It has not evaluated or approved products for use in Lipodissolve.
  • It is not aware of evidence supporting the effectiveness of the substances used in lipodissolve for fat elimination.
  • The safety of these substances, when used alone or in combination, is unknown.

  • It is not aware of clinical studies to support medical uses of Lipodissolve. 
  • In addition, FDA has reports of unexpected side effects in people who've undergone the lipodissolve procedure. These side effects include:
    • Permanent Scarring
    • Skin Deformation
    • Deep, Painful Knots Under the Skin in Areas Where the Lipodissolve Treatments Were Injected 


Some lipotropic injections may not be appropriate for everyone. 

Before receiving their first injection, a person should check if any of the ingredients can be harmful in combination with their medications or a medical condition they have.

Apart from pain at the injection site, one of the risks of using lipotropic injections is that they may not work. 

People cannot rely on these injections to promote fat loss.

Redness, swelling, and infection at the injection site. These symptoms should resolve but if they persist, you may have contracted an infection and should consult a doctor.


Lipotropic injections contain a variety of different vitamins and substances, including Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, Choline, Chromium, L-Carnitine, and Picolinate. If you are not adequately hydrating, this fat-fighting cocktail can put a strain on the kidneys. This strain can lead to a stomach ache and possibly urinary problems.


Some individuals may experience an allergic reaction to a lipotropic injection shot. Signs of an allergic reaction can include itchiness, a rash, hives, chest tightness, shortness of breath and swelling of the throat, lips, mouth or tongue. If you feel that you are having an allergic reaction, get medical intervention as soon as possible.


A final possible side effect is unexplained pain in various unrelated parts of the body following lipotropic injections. Some common areas that pain occurs is in the neck and parts of the hand. It is currently not clear why this random pain occurs, but it is only temporary and should go away.



Thermage is not for fat loss.

In 2002, it obtained FDA approval for the treatment of wrinkles around the eyes, for facial wrinkles in 2004, and for all body laxity and cellulite in 2005.

Thermage uses monopolar radiofrequency energy to deliver an electrical current that generates heat through the inherent electrical resistance of dermal and subcutaneous tissue. Thermage had been cleared for the "temporary improvement in the appearance of cellulite".

The problem is that the technology works for some people with minimal loose skin and wrinkles. It usually has to be combined with something else. There is also concern that Thermage could make cellulite matters worse. One of the known adverse effects of Thermage is that it causes fat atrophy (recipients who have their face treated sometimes complain of shrunken cheeks, sunk temples and thinning skin).

The bottom line?

Thermage for cellulite is unlikely to work, will hurt like hell, and may even make your dimples more noticeable. 

Are There Possible Side Effects? 

  • Crusting of the Skin (Scabbing): Transient