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"Free Consultations Offered"

The Clinic Director will be separated by a Germ Guard plastic shield for your protection in the office.

"Please be advised that 

we do not provide phone quotes

as each individual is unique and requires a personal assessment".

We only take consultations by appointment—strictly no walk-ins.

Please feel free to contact the clinic to set up a time that is convenient for you to come. Be sure to allow 30-45 minutes for your consultation.

Hours of Operation:

Monday to Friday 

10:00 am - 7:00 pm

Saturday and Sunday 


Woodbridge: 6175 Hwy 7, Unit 11 

(one block west of Hwy 27)

[email protected]

Our private clinic ONLY accommodates


and we are requesting that you



We have implemented a number of precautions to ensure

your health and safety remain

our top priority.

Trust Only What’s Recognized As​ a Leader in the Market

Slim U Canada Inc. in Vaughan, Ontario is proud to offer the

ONE and ONLY HOLISTIC original 

non-invasive, highly effective, Gold Standard, internationally patented medical device that delivers laser-assisted inch-loss and quality body sculpting.

Exclusively offered in Ontario only at our clinics.

  • Guaranteed Immediate Inch Loss Results Per Treatment
  • Target Any Area of Concern: Abdominal, Chin, Arms. Bra line, Love Handles, Buttox, Thighs, Knees and/or Calves
  • Tighten and firm skin and reduce the look of stretch marks and cellulite.
  • Aide with the detoxification of the body and flushing of the lymphatic system.
  • No Gimmicks, No supplements, No Exercise, Dieting, Freezing, Heating, Surgery, Injections, Pain or Side Effects.

How Is the New HOLISTIC Patented Cold Advanced Laser Lipo Different From Competitor Fat Dissolving Devices?

The Advanced New Patented Fat Dissolving Cold Laser Lipo does not kill your fat cells. It simply collapses them. Treatments which freeze/heat or dissolve your fat cells actually kill them.

Killing fat cells PERMANENTLY by freezing or heating them to death, leads to the potential of other areas of the body getting larger upon weight regain (and in area where treated).



the list is endless...

be an EDUCATED consumer, 

click below to learn more.

In addition to Non-invasive Fat Loss Treatments,

Nutritionist Linda Micomonaco, CNP oversees all

Nutritional Plans to which we provide weekly alongside treatments at

no additional cost.

Our Nutrition Plans are personalized:

* North American 

* Italian

* Indian

* Chinese

* Non-Vegan

* Vegan




The starvation response actually slows down your rate of burning calories.

Slowing down your metabolism like this will never make you lose weight in the long term.

You can never starve yourself to lose fat!

You may lose weight initially,

but at some point , when you start eating normal amounts of food, you will gain it all back.

What is proper nutrition?

Good nutrition plays an important role

in our lives and aids the immune system.

Our immune system is our defense against diseases,

and so poor nutrition can mean

we are more prone to these.

By eating the right foods that are loaded with vitamins and minerals, we are helping to keep our immune system healthy.

A well-balanced diet will help to keep your immune system strong and healthy and defend against diseases for years to come.

Why Choose Slim U Canada?

Slim U Canada Inc. has been voted:


for 7 YEARS running by Three Best Rated.

It is the clinic of choice for a safe, effective, holistic, personalized approach to non-invasive fat loss treatments and pain management.

We work with patients of all ages and of all body weights.

Proven to be effective - See and feel instant, long-lasting results.

Non-invasive, pain-free, no anesthesia, no recovery time, no preparation, no side effect and safe for everyone.


This NEW non-surgical and non-invasive internationally patented cold laser technology is approved for spot fat reduction / body contouring

and reducing the appearance of cellulite AND also approved for pain management.

  • acute and chronic pain issues, inflammation, fibromyalgia
  • arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, plantar facilities
  • ligament sprains, muscle strains, tendonitis
  • bursitis, tennis elbow, neck pain
  • lower back pain, knee pain, pain associated with muscle spasms

This technology is beneficial for pain relief and has a long history and strong basic science evidence, 

which supports its use in pain management.

The treatments can be used to ease the discomfort associated with lymphatic and thyroid issues and arthritis (as well as other chronic pains) and can aide with the stimulation of blood and lymphatic circulation, relief of stiffness and detoxification.

It has been shown to reduce inflammation and edema, induce analgesia and promote healing in a range of musculoskeletal pathologies.

It however does not correct situations involving structural deficits or instabilities whether in bone or in soft tissue 

and should only be used as an adjuvant therapy for pain relief in patients with neuropathic pain and neurologic deficits.

Here at Slim U Canada Inc. we do not kill fat cells

by heating or freezing, instead we shrink them using a more holistic approach using the NEW Patented Advanced

Cold Laser Lipo ONLY available at our clinics in Ontario.

Lose up to One dress size in 3 weeks!

Guaranteed Results, Target Any Area of Concern, Immediate Inch / Fat Loss per treatment: No Exercise, Dieting, Freezing, Heating, Surgery, Pain or Side Effects.

This New HOLISTIC Patented Laser Lipo Treatment is FDA approved and 

Health Canada Licensed for spot fat reduction / body contouring and reducing the appearance of cellulite AND approved for pain management.

It is a ground-breaking ON SKIN DIRECT body shaping treatment offering a 

non-invasive solution.

The primary benefit of this new treatment is the loss of inches.

However, patients also notice that cellulite appearance improves and their skin appears smoother and tighter after each treatment.

Our clinically proven Inch Loss Technology provides painless treatments that are highly-effective and commonly used to treat:

arms, chin, love-handles, muffin-tops, buttocks, thighs, calves and more.

Unlike other laser treatments, the New Advanced Patented Laser Lipo system does not destroy or permanently damage the fat cells or any surrounding structures, which makes this a healthier, more natural treatment. The surrounding tissues such as blood vessels, nerves and skin cells are unaffected by the procedure.

This pain-free treatment helps reduce fat cells and works to form new collagen; tightening the skin with incredible long-lasting results.

This skin tightening is an important benefit and works well with a weight loss program to help prevent saggy skin rolls.

Unlike other competing technologies, this patented technology allows maximized energy delivery to the adipose cell (fat cells) for optimal results.

 Independent 3rd party testing has found that it provides more efficient energy delivery over multiple treatments ultimately leading to unparalleled treatment results.

Reset It and Forget It

Once reset, fat cells become essential to the health of your body’s day-to-day functioning.

When relieved of toxins and abnormal fats, fat cells help stimulate our mitochondria, enhance ATP production and protein synthesis, reduce pain and inflammation, regulate the metabolism, support the immune system, produce hormones and proteins, and assist the liver in continuous removal of fats and toxins.

This New patented  cold laser technology aids the body in the safe release of fatty content stored in our fat cells and helps to safely transport removal through the lymphatic system while rebalancing the parasympathetic nervous system and microcirculation of blood and lymph.

Detoxifying our fat cells for our body’s innate sense of homeostasis is just the beginning of a reset necessary for a healthier, lighter, livelier new you. 

As a result of treatment, your body is returned to the way it was meant to be, and you will eat, move, and feel your optimum self, well-fed and well-loved —

the core functionality of our essential well-being.

Key Benefits:

The main benefit is that it is similar to liposuction but it does not have an invasive surgery.

  • Reduction of fat
  • Reduction of cellulite
  • Skin tightening
  • Targeted fat loss in area(s) of concern
  • Increase in skin elasticity
  • Metabolism syndrome prevention and improvement
  • Lessons acute or chronic pain
  • Pain control
  • Inflammation control
  • Speed up and improve quality of tissue regeneration
  • Edema decrease
  • Blood circulation enhancement
  • The laser stimulates the lymphatic system and helps tighten the tissue and skin.

The vast majority of patients see and feel results after the first session itself. 

There is no faster, safer, and more convenient way to manage fat loss, get in shape, reduce pain, and accelerate healing.

Be an EDUCATED consumer about technologies in the market place that kill fat cells permanently: 

Hot Sculpting, CoolSculpting, 

Liposuction and adverse effects.

Cryolipolysis / Thermolipolysis 

– non-invasive fat cells destruction by extreme 

cold / heat.

Killing fat cells PERMANENTLY by freezing or heating them to death, leads to the potential of other areas of the body getting larger upon weight regain (and in area where treated).

It has been shown in laboratory rodents, and more recently in humans, that liposuction or killing fat cells indeed provides immediate fat reduction in the treatment local area, but in the long term, the fat comes back in other areas of the body.

One can't reduce the number of fat cells and

expect no reaction. The fat will come back, either by producing more fat cells or expanding existing ones.

The bottom line is:

in one way or another one will regain the fat

that was artificially eliminated.


TRUSCULPT, COOLSULTPING, EON, EVOLOVE, VENUS BLISS, SCUPSURE, ETC. here are some side effects of these technologies in comparison to Slim U Canada Inc.

Cool Sculpting (Cryolipolysis) is a type of laser that "freezes" away fat cells, ultimately killing the cells via laser technology. 

Does fat come back after CoolSculpting?

The fat cells that are destroyed through CoolSculpting are eliminated and will not return to the body. However, new fat cells can be generated, and the remaining fat cells can still swell with subsequent weight gain.

How can the results be permanent?

We are born with a certain number of fat cells. 

No matter how much weight we gain or lose, we still have the same number of fat cells.

We look heavier when we gain weight because the fat cells expand.

When we lose weight, our fat cells shrink.

Because cool sculpting or heat sculpting kills some fat cells, the targeted cells are gone forever.

However you still have fat cells in the treated area and if you gain weight, these cells will expand.

Can CoolSculpting cause permanent damage?

Many patients who undergo CoolSculpting, experience an intense burning-like sensation and can even develop permanent nerve damage. And you usually need five treatment sessions to get the results you're looking for.


Uneven results from fat-freezing devices like Coolsculpting are not uncommon. You may have experienced it personally, or seen reviewers on Realself lamenting their negative experience. Why does this happen? Sometimes it could be user error, however, even the most experienced Coolsculpting providers have witnessed the unsightly dents and bumps that can arise from Coolsculpting.

Does CoolSculpting make you lumpy?

In a small number of cases, however, the fat in the treated area expands and hardens into an unnaturally shaped lump in response to the extreme cold. This is called paradoxical (abnormal) adipose (fat) hyperplasia (unusual increase in a structure), or PAH for short.

What happens if you do too much CoolSculpting?

If you have too many sessions, you might lose enough fat that additional treatments won't do much good. It's also possible to have so much Coolsculpting that the treated area ends up looking concave or indented.


Hot / Heat Sculpting (Thermolipolysis) is a type of laser that "melts away" fat cells with heat. 

The process of destroying fat cells with heat is called thermolipolysis, which is also called the lysing (death) of fat cells.  Typically soreness one may have is to be expected and should only last for about 1-2 weeks.

What are the lumps after SculpSure?

Answer: Nodules after SculpSure

They are clumps of dead fat cells that can go away with massage and drinking lots of water. If they have not resolved with massage after 6 months, a fat dissolving treatment such as Cellutone is advised.

*Heat Sculpting / SculpSure treatments to the arms and thighs seem to have a higher incidence of nodule formation.

What happens if you gain weight after SculpSure?

After SculpSure treatments, it's still possible to gain weight. SculpSure doesn't affect your caloric intake or your body's ability to gain weight. If you gain weight, the remaining fat cells in the treated area will increase in size. If this happens, it's possible the lumps or rolls you had removed will return.

Ultrasound Cavitation – non-invasive fat cells rupture by low frequency sound waves.

Liposuction – invasive fat cells removal by external suction.

When the number of fat cells in our body is artificially reduced, the body will react and trigger a compensation mechanism that will restore the fat balance in our body.

As suggested, the technologies listed above, work in opposite ways to achieve the same goal:

getting rid of stubborn fat deposits.

What are the adverse effects?

a. Production of new fat cells in the treated area or in untreated areas

b. Expansion of existing fat cells, usually not in the same location of manipulation

Slim U Canada Inc. is extremely proud to "Award" FREE TREATMENTS to our existing and past clients

to whom we have developed a friendship with and who are so thrilled that they reached their goals

and achieved amazing results.

In order to receive your FREE treatment(s), have your referral(s) contact the clinic for a free consultation.

Upon your referral(s) purchase of 9 or more treatments, as a token of our appreciation we will award you with ONE FREE treatment per referral.

Think of the Referral Program of our way of saying thanks for spreading the love.

Contact Information 

Slim U Canada Inc.

6175 Hwy 7 Unit 11

Woodbridge, Ontario  

Phone: (905) 856-2377

Email: [email protected] 

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