Slim U Canada - Non-invasive Fat Loss
The Patented New FDA approved and Health Canada licensed Laser Lipo Cold Laser is
one device that offers the science, the support and the results that have allowed it to emerge as a Leader in this Market.
Typical results have proven to be substantially more effective and consistent than traditional competitors.
Slim U CanadaHow does it work?

The New Patented Laser Lipo represents the most recent and advanced technology that can remove fat on par with, yet without the dangers of, liposuction. The Laser Lipo technology works with a cold laser conductor that is placed directly on the skin over areas to be treated for 20 to 40 minutes. Originally designed to speed up healing, doctors noticed that the cold laser technology would also liquefy fat cells painlessly. In contrast to Liposuction, the non-invasive Laser Lipo does not remove the fat cell, it drains it. The fat can be metabolized normally by a healthy person, reshaping body contour by inch loss each week.
The Laser Lipo is a low level laser energy treatment emitted to stimulate the fat cell membranes, changing their permeability. The cells lose their round and intracellular fat is released. Then the fatty triglycerides flow out of the disrupted cell membranes and into the interstitial space, where they gradually pass through the body’s natural metabolic functions with no harmful physiological effects, to be used as an energy source for the body.
The treatment is not based on heat development but on photochemical and photobiological effects on cells and tissue. When the laser radiates the adipocytes (adipocytes are present in the adipose tissue and store energy as fat) the contents of the cells move out of the cell membrane and become liquefied and are easily removed from the body.
The process does not alter neighboring structures such as skin, blood vessels and peripheral nerves. It is not merely the liquefaction of fat but instead it is the instant breakdown of the fat cells. 

The Lipo Laser is a cold laser and cold laser therapies have been safely employed for more than 30 years in clinics throughout the world. In fact, the initial purpose of low level laser technology was for pain relief and cell regeneration for healing. Lipo Laser is suitable for almost everyone however there are few conditions where it might not be suitable.

The difference between the Lipo Laser and other systems which destroy fat cells

Other procedures which cost upwards of $10,000.00 or more, kill and destroy the fat cells which is not a natural or healthy approach. This can cause adverse effects, scarring and is not a painless and safe option!
If you ever become overweight again, the fat will be stored in uneven and irregular patterns because the normal fat cell distribution has been destroyed.

  • KILLING FAT CELLS through technology and Removal of fat cells through Liposuction: Why They Won't Work
  • Adults have a fixed number of fat cells that grow and shrink as weight increases or decreases. Overweight individuals generally don’t possess a greater number of adipocytes (fat cells); instead their fat cells grow larger than those in a typical human. When fat cells are removed from an adult, via liposuction or cryolipolysis (Cryolipolysis is a medical treatment used to destroy fat cells), the remaining fat cells eventually pick up the slack and grow larger
  • As a result, these treatments fix the problem only temporarily. The body continues producing and storing energy containing molecules in the surviving adipose (fat) cells.
  •  Immediate side effects of cryolipolysis and liposuction are: bruising, numbness, scarring, pain, and possibly skin necrosis, and infection.
  • Liposuction carries the unwanted side-effect of making other parts of a patient’s  body fatter , a study has found. One year after having liters of fat removed, those undergoing the procedure will effectively be back at square one in terms of  the amount of fat in  their body. However, the fat will not return to the areas of the body where it was removed from, usually the thighs, lower abdomen and buttocks. Instead it will reappear elsewhere, typically around the shoulders, arms and  upper abdomen, according to U.S. researchers.

Non-invasive Fat Loss

Are the treatments safe?

Absolutely! The Cold Low Level Laser treatments are completely non-invasive and patients experience no pain. The low level laser technology has been studied and used for over 30 years for several biomedical purposes including wound healing, pain relief and the treatment of inflammation.

How much are treatments?

Individual treatment programs vary depending on your body type and
your particular goals. Our treatment packages have the best promotions to which the Clinic Director will go over with you at your free consultation.

What are the advantages?

  • Immediate Results
  • Non -Invasive
  • No Injections
  • Pinpoints target treatment areas.
  • No swelling, bruising or dimpling post treatment
  • Completely painless
  • No side effects
  • Body contouring and reduction of cellulite
  • Reduction of fat cells, cell regeneration, improves circulation.

Does it hurt?
The treatment is completely painless and is non-invasive – no surgery, no anesthesia, no needles, no recovery
no healing, and no downtime.
What are the side effects?
There are no side effects.
How many treatments do I require?
It depends upon what your goals are as well as how many inches you'd like to lose, tighten or contour. 

The Clinic Director will consult with you before your first session.
I'm already dieting and exercising, why should I get Laser Lipo treatments?
It's great that you are dieting and exercising but exercise alone will not SPOT reduce.
The only way to spot reduce is by using the non-invasive lipo laser.The laser lipo will enhance your workouts providing you with faster results and may assist with increasing your metabolism as well as inch loss and tightening.
How Quickly Will I See Results?
Most patients will see measurable results after each treatment.
Each person is different and results vary. One person may lose 2 inches the first treatment while others may lose
1/2 inch. Each treatment builds upon the one before it and eventually you will start losing inch after inch.
Research: Results from 100 patients has shown typical loss of between
up to 1/2 inch to 2 inches or more per treatment.
Results do vary.
Sample Inch Loss
(These are based upon case studies. Clients results may vary):
- Belly/Midsection -
weight lossup to 1/2 - 2 inches or more per treatment
- Back-
up to 1/2 - 1 inch or more per treatment
- Arms - Varies depending upon fat and muscle tone.
If your arms lack muscle tone, the laser will work to improve skin tightening first,
inch loss up to 1/2 to 1 inch or more per treatment.

- Thighs - Same as Arms.
Depends upon tone and fat around the area.
Will reduce the appearance of cellulite and tighten first.
Inch loss up to 1/2 to 1 inch or more per treatment.
Each treatment builds upon the last so it is important to stay on your treatment plan for desired results.
How much can I expect to lose?

Everyone is different, so results will vary however majority of clients lose one to two sizes in a period of 3 to 4 weeks.
The success of the treatments depends on your body’s ability to detoxify emulsified cellular debris. Therefore, not all patients will obtain the same outcome at the end of the three to four -week therapy.
Why do some people lose more inches then others?
The physiological ability to process fat has genetic variability from person to person. Variations included function of the lymph and digestive system as well as possible metabolic abnormalities. Your clinic director will work with your individual case to help achieve optimum performance within the parameters of your given physiological make up.
Who can receive treatment?
The Laser Lipo treatment for weight loss can be of benefit to many people. During our thorough consultation with a
Certified Technician, Clinic Director, we will determine if you are a good candidate for the program and if weight loss will improve your health.
If you are a good candidate for the program, the clinic director will determine a treatment and nutritional protocol that is best for your body.

Are there any contraindications?

General precautions for the use of lasers should always be considered before using the Low Level Laser.
A physician should be consulted if the client is dealing with:
Pregnancy, Epilepsy, Immuno-suppressive disorders, Thyroid Gland Dysfunction, Uncontrolled Hypertension, Pacemakers, Cancer, Heart Disease or Cardiac Arrhythmias, Liver or Kidney Disorders.

This treatment is not recommended for anyone under the age of 18.

What do the treatments involve?
The standard protocol is 9 to 12 treatments.  Each treatment lasts 20 minutes. You may receive nutritional guidance to support fat removal and enhance the treatment results. Also, you will be instructed on what you can do to help get the best fat-loss results during this period. Clinics in the field have reported an average of up to 2 inches or more reduction of circumference using these protocols, although everyone is different and no results are guaranteed.  There is no limit to how many treatments you can receive.
What Can I Expect?
You can relax in a comfortable position and are free to relax, read and listen to music. 
Treatment time per area is 20 mins.

When should I eat or drink prior to my treatment?

It is important to not eat any food for a minimum of 2 hrs to a maximum of 4 hours before treatment.
In addition, no food or caloric beverages should be ingested for a minimum of 2 hours to a maximum of 4 hours following treatments – drink plenty of water however.
Note, water should be consumed moderately prior to treatment while plenty of water is recommended following the treatment. Being that the goal is to have the Low Level Laser treatment affect existing fat content as well as have the body process the fats that get released, any new caloric intake will simply reduce the effectiveness of this process. Allowing the body to burn the released fats will work towards gaining optimum results from treatments.

How is the Lipo Laser technology different from competitor devices?
Lipo Laser is differentiated by the “PEA” Principle:
Probes/Paddles are static on the skin. As a result,
the Lipo Laser penetrates the tissue in the shape of an egg allowing for better energy delivery to the tissue. This system also targets the stimulation of the body’s lymphatic system to enhance treatment results. When light enters tissue through the skin it is spread and forms a ball of light in the tissue. If a divergent beam of light targets a larger area rather than having direct contact (static on the skin), the depth of penetration is shallower and the light ball in the tissue is flatter and wider.
Typical results with the New patented Lipo Laser have proven to be substantially more effective and consistent than traditional competitors.
The Lipo Laser is effective in independently targeting diverse areas of treatment:
i.e. chin, back, arms, abdominal, thighs, buttocks, chest, etc.
Why is water such a vital part of my treatment?
Without the extra water it will be more difficult for your body to eliminate the contents released from the treatment.
Give your body the help it needs to carry away the toxins and other substances released by the body that were stored in the fat cells.
What should I wear for the procedure?
Please wear loose, comfortable clothing that can be easily adjusted, up or down.

How long does the procedure take?
The procedure usually takes 20 to 40 minutes, per body area, plus 10 minutes for the vibration platform post treatment.
Does the laser emit heat or cause freezing?
No. Low level laser therapy is a light source treatment that generates light of a single wavelength. It emits no heat,
cold effect, sound, or vibration. Instead of producing a thermal effect, low level laser therapy acts via non-thermal or photochemical reactions in the cells, also referred to as photo biology or bio stimulation.
Where is fat stored under the skin?
Fat is usually stored in the subcutaneous layer and is located approximately
8-10mm below the surface of the skin. The laser targets this area.
What happens as the laser hits the fatty tissue?
The laser disrupts the external membrane of the fat cell, inducing lipolysis.
What is released during treatments?
Triglycerides: Water, Glycerol, and Free Fatty Acids.
Where do the free fatty acids go?
Once the Free Fatty Acids leave the cell and enter the interstitial space, it is then absorbed by the lymphatic system. Additionally, when combined with oxygen, Free Fatty Acids produce energy.
Where does glycerol go?
Glycerol diffuses widely and rapidly throughout the total body water, passes through the blood stream and appears in the urine. Additionally, Glycerol is converted by the liver into a useful energy source - Glucose.
Why is post whole body vibration exercise protocol important?
The underlying mechanism with whole body vibration is elicitation of muscular activity. The effects include increased blood flow, increased oxygenation and heat and release of hormone response comparable to that found after resistance type exercise.
Vibration exercise elicits a mild cardiovascular activity and muscular mechanisms of fatigue, requiring energy. While fat, in the form of fatty acids, is a very desirable energy source, it is dependent on the presence of oxygen to be useful.
All these activities create the need for energy. While fat, in the form of fatty acids, is a very desirable energy source, it is dependent on the presence of oxygen to be useful.
The Vibration platform primarily acts by:
(a) Stimulating muscles thereby creating the need for energy. FFA’s released by the Lipo Laser combine with oxygen to produce energy.
(b) In circumstances where energy is required by the body more quickly than oxygen can be delivered to the required location, the body will switch to its less energy efficient anaerobic system.
When the body is using one of its anaerobic energy systems, it cannot utilize FFA’s, but will simply generate less energy and will sustain a greater glucose depletion. This glucose is obtained from the released glycerol and its conversion in liver.
Does it work?
YES!  We guarantee on your first visit that you will lose at least a half inch on the treated area of the abdominal area.  
20 minute treatment solely purchased for fat loss of the abdominal area.  If you fail to lose at least a half inch on your first treatment, we will give you a second treatment for free!
*Stomach area includes 3 measurements, at the navel, below the navel and above the navel.
Guarantee is on cumulative loss. * some restrictions apply * must be eligible * some restrictions apply
What Medical Conditions cannot use the Laser Lipo?
Pregnancy, epilepsy, innmosuppressive disorders, thyroid gland dysfunction, uncontrolled hypertension, pacemakers, cancer, heart disease, cardiac arrhythmia, liver or kidney disorders.
Is Low Level Laser Therapy scientifically documented

Yes. There are thousands of published studies that describe the positive effects of laser therapy. These studies range from studies on individual cell types to in vivo double blind cross-over studies. The areas of study range from wound healing to Musculoskeletal conditions and have been conducted on different types of laser devices. Medline is a very good database search engine that can provide abstracts and can sell literature. There are also many books on the subject.
Please note that the Laser Lipo treatments are not intended to be a diet. 
It will help you melt fat in problem areas and aide in body contouring, assisting you get rid of that
stubborn fat, cellulite, loose skin, love handles or muffin top. 
Majority of people do experience a dramatic body transformation and are extremely thrilled with the results.  
It will not remove 50 pounds from your body in 9 treatments (this expectation is achievable for majority of clients - however over a longer duration of treatments), the inch loss however is extremely substantial for majority of clients during a 3 week to 4 week course.  If you are interested in a weight loss program we do offer several healthy options that compliment the Laser Lipo treatments. 
Results are seen in both circumference measurement and degree of body contour in the area. Clients can optimize their results through multiple Lipolaser treatments combined with cardio type activity post treatment ie: whole body vibration machine.  Studies have found that clients who eat a healthy diet and exercise regularly will experience the best Lipolaser results; however, even the majority of clients with a sluggish metabolism remark that they are content with the amount of inches lost and experience a positive body transformation during the course of treatments.
Clients with the following conditions CAN be treated
but will be asked to obtain approval from a GP.

  • HIV Carrier
  • Diabetes (Type 1 - controlled, Type 2)
  • Controlled Hypothyroidism
  • Polycystic Ovaries
  • Hormone problems
  • Gastric Ulcers
  • Metal Implants
  • Psychological conditions
  • Anaphylaxis
  • Undiagnosed Lesions
  • Taking Anti-seizure medication
  • Suffering from or being treated for clinical depression
  • Have a photosensitive skin disorder
  • Recent surgery or minor operations (Less than 6 weeks prior)
  • Recent Injury (awaiting surgery/treatment)
  • Any dysfunction of the nervous system (Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson's disease, Motor Neurone disease)
  • Bells Palsy

Persons with the following Medical Conditions CANNOT use the Lipo Laser:

  • Age younger than 18 years old
  • Contagious or infectious diseases
  • Under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Seizure disorder
  • Epilepsy
  • Uncontrolled hypertension
  • Active infection or lymphatic disorder
  • Immunodeficiency disorder/ Immunosuppressive disorders/ Immunosuppressed
  • Implanted electronic devices (TENS Unit- pain management, prostheses, pacemakers etc.)
  • Pacemaker or implantable cardioverter defibrillators
  • Chronic skin disorder (cancer, Lupus etc.)
  • Pregnancy/Breast feeding/lactating women
  • Current Chemo/Radiation therapy
  • Cancer
  • Unstable thyroid disorders / Severe thyroid gland dysfunction
  • Heart disease, congestive heart failure, heart problems, cardiomyopathy, or cardiac arrhythmia
  • Severe liver / kidney disorders or disease
  • Taking medications that cause photo-sensitivity
  • Clotting disorders (such as Warfarin therapy, aspirin long term use, haemophilia, hepatitis)
  • Open wounds or skin infections

  • A consultation is always needed as this will give us a chance to assess your requirements and will help us to understand what results you are looking for so we can find the perfect solution for you.


    At Slim U Canada, we aim to provide a timely and efficient service for all our valued customers.
    Our clinic operates a very busy schedule and as a result, we kindly request that you adhere to the following
    terms & conditions.
    Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require any further information or assistance on these matters.


    If you have been booked in for a 20 or 40  minute appointment and you are late, we will be unable to conduct the full treatment.


    We have a stringent cancellation policy.  Due to the popularity of this new technology that it brings to the City of Vaughan we are trying to be fair to all.  Cancellation notice of 24 hours must be given or your appointment will be forfeited. If the client gives us less than 24 hours notice or no shows the appointment will be forfeited or the fee to rebook will be equal to the original price paid for the session. Should the client call to reschedule any of their appointments we will do our best to accommodate any schedule modifications.

    Should the client require to put their treatments on hold during the time frame allotted for their sessions, this is no problem.  We will resume the remaining treatments at a convenient time for the client.  All clients have up to 12 months to utilize treatments from day of purchase (one may require to pause treatments for many unknown reasons: called away for business, have the flu, go on vacation, family emergency, etc. - therefore the client resumes the remaining treatments where they left off, versus doing them consecutively).
    Slim U Canada retains the right to refuse appointments to anyone that is late on a regular basis, and also retains the right to require payment prior to accepting any treatment. These measures are necessary to assist in the smooth running of our clinic.

    DISCLAIMER: Independent clinical studies have shown Laser Lipo to be, comparable to results achieved by liposuction. Additional treatments improve results further. Results can be seen immediately after each treatment as the fat cell contents are released. Even though the New patented lipo laser has been proven effective, like any medical procedure results vary and can't be guaranteed for all. In contrast to high power, high heat lasers that are used in various medical procedures, the low level laser (lllt) used for this treatment is a cold laser and has no thermal effect on tissue. 
    Though safe and non-invasive, any medical or cosmetic procedure carries risks, complications and varied results to its effectiveness. The majority of clients however do achieve an ongoing inch loss of up to 2 inches per treatment,
    results do vary. Also, a healthy lifestyle is important.
    * Slim U Canada Inc.'s Guarantee Program for Fat / Inch Loss: Limited guarantee program is offered on the inch loss of the abdominal area only (must be a 20 min treatment of that area, upper and lower part of the abdominal region).  Guaranteed Area: Abdominal (stomach area) includes 3 measurements: at the navel, below the navel and above the navel. The Abdominal area is calculated by adding the loss from the guaranteed area (Guarantee is on cumulative loss area of stomach area (3 measurements added together), from the base measurement to the final measurement).
    The abdominal area must be measured before the first treatment (base measurement) and immediately post the final treatment. * client must adhere to guarantee program / qualification terms and Slim U Canada Inc. protocol for treatments  * ask for details * some restrictions apply * must be eligible.  There is no guarantee program on inch loss in the areas of: chin, arms, upper back, buttox or legs (upper thigh, lower leg or around knee area).  Additionally there is no guarantee with respects to treatments purchased for weight loss, cellulite or skin tightening, as this procedure is an elective, cosmetic procedure and is not an exact science there are no guarantees.